Hamilton Court apartments in Menorca

Frequently asked questions

1Do the apartments have WIFI? And the common areas?
Yes, all the apartments have Wifi, as well as the restaurant and the common areas.
2Is there any kind of public nocturnal transport or any transfer service?
• You can book your service transfer through e-mail or telephone at a cost of approximately 15€ per person (min. 4 people).

• You can take a taxi to the airport at a cost of approximately 40€.
3Are the cleaning service, the towels and linen change included in my reservation?
Yes, everything is included. The apartment is cleaned and receives new towels twice a week and the linen is changed once a week.
4Is there public transport in Menorca?
The public transport is limitated, we but have buses that connect the island. Check the website to see the timetable:

5Are pets allowed in the accommodation?
• In Hamilton Court are allowed but is has been notified before the arrival and the animal can not disturb other guests.

• In Vistamar they are not allowed under any circumstances.
6Do you have laundry service?
• In Hamilton Court there is a laundry service.

• In Vistamar there are clothes driers and washing machines that work with coins.